Saturday, 19 March 2011

Master Link Gateway full integration solution

The intelligent home has become increasingly popular among many core Bang & Olufsen customers to whom simplicity and ease-of-operation are of prime importance.

In addition to the fantastic A/V integration and control offered by the Master Link system, Bang & Olufsen is therefore offering to provide customers with a solution that also integrates seamlessly with other electronic equipment in the home.

Seamless integration Via the Master Link Gateway, customers can now control and operate all their home automation equipment from the Beo6 remote control all over the house.

Customers can combine actions involving both home automation and A/V equipment; for instance, it is possible to switch on the light and the TV in the kitchen by a single touch on the programmable Beo6 remote control. Customers can also choose to control their A/V system from their home automation panel if that is convenient.

Operation is completely flexible as the Master Link Gateway allows as many as 130 commands per room, ranging from local commands such as closing the curtains in one room to global commands like switching off the lights in the entire house.

With Master Link Gateway and the Beo6 remote control, Bang & Olufsen thus ensures that the control and user interface of third party products are taken to another level.

The user-friendly Master Link Gateway platform offers seamless integration between A/V products and third party products with no perceived barriers between these. Master Link Gateway simply translates Bang & Olufsen Master Link commands into LAN (ethernet) or RS 232/RS 485 commands that home automation systems can understand and vice versa.

Adding advantages
With Master Link Gateway, Bang & Olufsen uses its extensive experience within system control to augment the existing Master Link system.

For many years, Bang & Olufsen has offered integration of non-A/V products such as lights, curtains, projectors and home automation systems, which have all been handled as add-ons to the A/V setup on an individual basis according to customer needs.

The integration of these products has therefore been done on an ad hoc basis and not as a natural part of the product concept, causing this to be somewhat less flexible and seamless than had it been part of the product concept from the start.

To achieve the highest level of integration, Bang & Olufsen has entered into strategic partnerships with a range of third party suppliers. Together with strategic home automation partners such as Busch Jaeger (building on the KNX standard, used by more than 120 other producers of home automation systems), LK Schneider, Lutron and Conson, Bang & Olufsen has ensured that Master Link Gateway is synonymous with seamless integration.

In this way, Master Link Gateway and the programmable Beo6 remote control ensure optimal ease-of-use for the Bang & Olufsen customer regardless of the applications connected.

Master Link Gateway is thus the perfect choice for the Bang & Olufsen customer who is looking for exceptional comfort, efficiency, security, ease-of-use, flexibility and last but not least pure enjoyment.

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