Thursday, 13 May 2010

AV system planning for your property development

Everyday we have clients coming into our showroom after beautifully refurbishing either their exisiting or new home, asking for wireless products as they have not planned for any distributed Audio or Video. Although there are wireless solutions available they come nowhere near the quality or reliability of a wired system.

Of course with our installer's years of experience we can always perform a 'retro-fit' and make sure all the cables are discreetely hidden. However, on occassion, we have to make compromises owing to how the home is finished. Marble floor tiles, for example, look gorgeous but do make our life hard once they are laid with regards to running cables!

Did you know that you use the same type of cable to send Telephone, High Quality Audio and Video, Internet and Bang & Olufsen signals? Yes, planning for that state of the art AV system can be very simple if organised properly.

Come and speak to us at Bang & Olufsen of Winchmore Hill, London, and we can give you a free one hour consulation to help you plan your Audio Visual system and with the option of integrating your lighting system. With just a bit of pre planning you can be sure of a system in your newly refurbished home that will give you years of pleasure and be very cost effective.

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