Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bang & Olufsen Home Automation Evening

For the past 12 months we have been working very closely with Control4, a leading provider of the operating system for the smart home and are very pleased to have been appointed the official supplier and product support for Bang & Olufsen dealers. We feel that we have developed a unique solution that will appeal to all Bang & Olufsen users who wish to take maximum advantage of the business opportunities offered by the Home Automation revolution.
Therefore we would like to invite you to one of our special open evenings on the 7th or 9th June at 6.00pm-10.00pm. We all will be on hand to guide you through what’s on offer.

Just imagine being able to operate via Beo4/Beo5 on any Current Bang & Olufsen TV or iPhone/iTouch/iPad ;
• iPod dock with full on-screen navigation on one or every screen!
• Full on-screen navigation of iTunes music library on one or every screen!
• Full control of PTZ CCTV cameras on one or every screen!
• Full control of HVAC system with feedback of current temperature on one or every screen!
• Full control of your lighting system with feedback of current levels on one or every screen!
• Multizone/multisource music
• Your lights dim automatically when your Kaleidescape movie starts
• Lights raise in level automatically when your Kaleidescape movie pauses• Door Entry on one or every screen!
• And of course remote operation via the same GUI on iPhone/iTouch/iPad

All the above is easily achievable and the cost of it won’t break the bank! Come to one of our evenings and let us show you how.

733 Green Lanes
N21 3RX

tel:020 8360 5088

Friday, 21 May 2010

Bang & Olufsen help towards Green Living

Conserving energy isn’t just good for your conscience and the environment, it’s good for your bank balance too! Bang & Olufsen of Winchmore Hill give you the power to be green by helping you manage lighting and temperature control in your home. With our help our customers can significantly reduce their energy consumption without compromising their lifestyle.

You can automate your lights so they come on when you need them and go off when you don’t.

Lights can be programmed to turn on and off at the appropriate time of day and year in order to reduce waste.

Motion sensors let the system know when to turn lights off in unoccupied rooms.

The system can dim lights to reduce energy consumption with the ability to manage energy-saving dimming that is imperceptible to the human eye.

Blinds and curtains can be automated to open and close with the sunlight to reduce demands on your climate control system.

Thermostats can be programmed to the most efficient temperatures so you can enjoy the convenience of temperature control from virtually anywhere in the world.
How much can you help the environment with a home automation system?

We use dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to reduce energy waste.

A typical 3-bedroom home with our system will eliminate over 850 pounds of CO2 emissions each year. That’s like not driving a car for a month! We also let you control the amount of wattage used by light bulbs, which not only saves electricity and reduces energy bills but extends the life of bulbs as well.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Bang & Olufsen and 3D TV

During recent years the cinema industry has been investing heavily in 3D cinema equipment to be able to compete with private home cinema set-ups. These home cinema setups are getting more and more sophisticated with large size full HD TV screens, Blu-ray Disc players and multichannel surround sound and are keeping an increasing number of consumers away from the professional cinemas.

However, there is little doubt that eventually also 3D technology will penetrate the consumer electronics industry with applications within home cinema, gaming and even regular television. After the commercial success of the digital TV transition, the upgrade to full high definition, the introduction of 100Hz and 200Hz LCD technology, the roll-out of LED backlit LCD panels and the commercial promotion of green products, the CE industry is again looking for new ways to get a premium among otherwise quickly eroding TV prices. 3D technology appears to provide such an opportunity.

Throughout history, several unsuccessful attempts have been made to introduce 3D in the film industry. However, this time, all the necessary ingredients for a successful introduction of 3D cinema, 3D gaming and 3D television seem to be in place.

3D in Bang & Olufsen products

At Bang & Olufsen we are currently studying and evaluating the different available and upcoming technical solutions for 3D TV. We already know that the first generations of 3D components and products will have serious drawbacks which compromise the full potential of the 3D viewing experience. Some of these drawbacks are:

Crosstalk, an unsharp 3D picture due to unwanted mixing of the images for the left and the right eye, an effect seen most severely in LCD screens.

Low picture brightness, caused by the use of shutter glasses and the inability of the current screen generation to produce more light.

The lack of standardisation of the shutter glasses, which (depending on the brand) makes it impossible to share a 3D programme with friends or family bringing their own glasses.

With this in mind, we are investigating which hardware and software modifications are needed in our TV platform architecture to include the necessary 3D facilities. As always, we are aiming for a technical solution that can deliver the performance level customers expect from a Bang & Olufsen product. The availability of some of the components for such a solution is still somewhat uncertain. Because of this uncertainty, a firm schedule for the launch of the first Bang & Olufsen 3D-ready TVs cannot be given yet.

Furthermore, we will continue to closely follow and investigate all developments within 3D technology, with special focus on auto stereoscopic displays, which will allow viewers to enjoy 3D video without the need for wearing glasses. The auto stereoscopic displays available right now still have major drawbacks and are not yet suitable for application in the living room. But, with continued research efforts in the industry, this type of 3D displays will become mature for consumer applications eventually and will truly revolutionise television just like the introduction of colour TV did in the 1950s.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

AV system planning for your property development

Everyday we have clients coming into our showroom after beautifully refurbishing either their exisiting or new home, asking for wireless products as they have not planned for any distributed Audio or Video. Although there are wireless solutions available they come nowhere near the quality or reliability of a wired system.

Of course with our installer's years of experience we can always perform a 'retro-fit' and make sure all the cables are discreetely hidden. However, on occassion, we have to make compromises owing to how the home is finished. Marble floor tiles, for example, look gorgeous but do make our life hard once they are laid with regards to running cables!

Did you know that you use the same type of cable to send Telephone, High Quality Audio and Video, Internet and Bang & Olufsen signals? Yes, planning for that state of the art AV system can be very simple if organised properly.

Come and speak to us at Bang & Olufsen of Winchmore Hill, London, and we can give you a free one hour consulation to help you plan your Audio Visual system and with the option of integrating your lighting system. With just a bit of pre planning you can be sure of a system in your newly refurbished home that will give you years of pleasure and be very cost effective.

Bang & Olufsen of Winchmore Hill, London

tel: 020 8360 5088

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The New BeoLab 11 Subwoofer. Bass is now Beautiful

BeoLab 11 is a new elegant subwoofer from Bang & Olufsen which combines excellent bass performance, intriguing design and unorthodox placement possibilities.

In the past you would have been forgiven for thinking of subwoofers as ugly boxes that just give out a thumping sound dominating the music. Well the BeoLab 11 delivers a very smooth bass performance that can enhance your listening experience and compliment your existing speakers.

The BeoLab 11 is a new small subwoofer from Bang & Olufsen that delivers amazing bass quality for its size.


With BeoLab 11, Bang & Olufsen has revolutionized the subwoofer category by creating a subwoofer with an entirely new look. Despite its strong sculptural presence, BeoLab 11 has a discreetness about it that makes it easy to integrate in a home environment without turning the room into a sound studio.

Don't take our word for it come to our showroom at Bang & Olufsen of Winchmore Hill, bring your favorite music with you and let the BeoLab 11 show you what you have been missing.

To enquire about a home demonstration send us an email