Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Good Day

Everyone worked really hard today setting up the showroom for the Cinema event.

With just a button press on the Beo4/Beo5 the projector turns on. With another button the film sequence starts on the Kaleidescape system and then when the film starts the lights dim down automatically and even flash during action scenes to give extra effects.

The BeoSystem 3 handles the surround sound and full Hd picture just perfectly.

Don't worry when the phone rings you can just pause the film and, hey presto, the lights go back up to full brightness without you having to do a thing. When you finish the call hit play and you are back to watching te film with the lights dimmed again. Sheer simplicity, sheer magic.

A big thank you to the following, without whom we couldn't have held this event;

James Buckle
Hamish Neale
Richard Gibbs
William Tse

and last but not least, our incredibly supportive Bang & Olufsen area manager;

Ben Dalrymple

Looking forward to a great evening

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